We unleash the greatest potential through education

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Mirror of Hope Foundation exists to provide access to education, which in turn equips young people with employable skills they can use to obtain well-paying jobs. Our foundation operates in communities where typical earnings for uneducated people are $1 – $2 per day. Our philosophy of providing ‘a hand up, not a hand out’ allows successful graduates to earn in excess of $45k year-after-year in rewarding employment. 


We do this by supporting two main types of education-focused programming:

Secondary school sponsorship

Primarily focused in Kibera, Africa’s largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Sponsorship pays for boarding school fees. This high standard of schooling achieves far greater results by allowing children to focus on their education outside the hardship of life in the slums. 

$750 pays for 1 student’s education for a full year. We follow a merit based selection process in order to focus our support on high-performing, high attitude students who come from extreme financial hardship. 

During holidays, students are back in Kibera and join programming that engages them in life skills building, mentorship, career talks, academic tuition and entrepreneurship. We also provide them with two meals each day, and prevent them from being bored in the slum where they can be exposed to alcohol, drugs and underage sex.

InspireHER STEM programs for Girls

Primarily focused on rural Kenya where economic infrastructure and work opportunities are very scarce. Life is particularly difficult for girls and young women affected by poverty, who are not seen as a priority to educate and are not provided the opportunity to control their own future.

Also following a merit based selection process, with an annual $1,125 sponsorship, our aim is to offer under served girls a pathway to highly sought after and well-paying careers in computer science and coding. We do this by providing rural girls with a high school education plus an additional 2 years of vocational training and career mentoring in Science Technology, Engineering & Math, allowing them to equally compete for meaningful work.

Since moving from Kenya to the United States, our co-founder, Emma has expanded STEM programs to also serve underserved girls in the USA.

Over 250 students have benefited from Mirror of Hope scholarships and programs, helping them obtain education, valuable career and life skills, and most importantly, gainful employment to help break the cycle of poverty.


Donations also support a range of additional programs in our focus communities of USA, Kibera and Vihiga.

Technology Education

Providing underserved girls and young rural women with equal access to quality technology tools and digital learning management infrastructure, computer science based training, and career resources to amplify impact to technology based economic opportunities and women leadership development. We also train teachers how to use education technology software both in Kenya and underserved schools in the USA.

Women Empowerment

Examples include Women’s Empowerment workshops, where HIV affected women are provided with peer support and equipped with important skills such as business coaching. financial literacy, gender rights enabling them to make and operate small craft businesses that pay for their immediate basic needs like food, shelter and provide much needed medical services.

Adopt a Teacher

Most of the primary and secondary schools we partner with in Kibera slums and rural Vihiga are under-resourced. They serve a large number of our disadvantaged and vulnerable beneficiaries that have a high potential of success. Classrooms are often overcrowded, lack quality engaging materials, as well as have limited technology and teacher development resources which impacts the individualized attention given to students and their learning.


The adopt a teacher leadership development program at Mirror of Hope Foundation supports teachers in under resourced schools by providing classroom supplies especially in sciences, technology and math education as well as intercultural exchange learning and professional development in applied digital skills.