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Faith Rovina

Faith is an outspoken brilliant and smart young girl that is currently at university after graduating high school from where she was sponsored before winning a MasterCard scholarship to study in one of the best universities in Ghana. She is the first-born child in a family of six members all under the care of her father who works as a night watchman, a casual job that can only provide a meal or two a day- this is Faith’s daily motivation.


At her young age, Faith has achieved so much including being the top student in her graduating class, a student body leader at her high school and recently giving her life journeying story in a TEDx presentation at her university. With all this, nothing fills Faith with pride like the fact that she is the first ever member of her family to graduate high school and join university in a foreign land…which amusedly also means the only member in her family, both nuclear and extended to ever board a plane.

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