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Denis and Jacob

Denis and Jacob are among our very first students to graduate from university. Both sponsored students, Jacob pursued Economics while Denis recently graduated with a degree in Telecommunication Engineering.


The two come from extremely poor backgrounds with Denis having grown up with a single mother with 8 dependents and Jacob having to take care of his younger siblings from the little age of 13. From growing up under the harsh and cruel environment of the slum yet being top students in their respective classes, Jacob and Denis have not only graduated university and secured jobs for themselves but have also gone to establish themselves as the first ever local sponsors to sponsor a student at The Mirror of Hope. Both believe nothing they have achieved so far would have been possible without education and it was their lifetime dream to one day come back and give a hand up to someone else through education.


Jacob has also managed to take his little sister to college and she now has a job. His younger brother is currently in college as well.

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