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Angela Munde – A Story of Hope and Determination

“My parents struggled to ensure I completed my high school education amid financial challenges.” She narrates. “My four years of high school study were regularly interrupted as the family struggled to raise fee balances.”


“From 2017 when I graduated high school to 2021, I spent my days helping my mom run her business selling snacks. I once tried to venture into a hairdressing business but without capital, no support, and with no experience in entrepreneurship my business quickly failed after a few months.” She continues.


Angela’s life story thus far is like that of many girls from the rural villages of Vihiga growing up in poverty. That’s until she decided to join the life skills mentoring and STEM education program.


Angela started volunteering in her free time to help underprivileged kids and to support victims of gender-based violence (GBV). The organization she volunteered with, Amazing Grace Center Kenya CBO, quickly noticed her commitment and offered further training opportunities.


“I am a self-driven person and given an opportunity to further my education it would really be a big motivation because I didn’t get the chance to join a higher Education Institution immediately after my High school Education in 2017. I would like to become an IT expert. I have a challenge whereby I lack access to a computer machine and a mentor to guide me through the process of knowing some basic features and concepts.” She shared her hopes.


The second child in a family of four siblings, Angela was excited about all the life skills, knowledge in entrepreneurship and female advocacy she was gaining but still skeptical about how that would contribute to her IT hopes and future. It is during one of these training programs that she was paired with InspireHER STEM mentors.


“In late 2021, my mentors taught me how to solve basic computer problem challenges, coached me in technology interviewing skills, digital branding and provided support in sending a scholarship application to an alternative Technology Training Institute that offers an annual residential scholarship for underprivileged girls to learn advanced programming.”


The excitement in Angela’s family is immeasurable. Out of thousands of applicants, she is one of the top 100 recipients of the 2022 AkiraChix CodeHive scholarship program based in Nairobi, Kenya. She is also the first of many in her Maseno village to win this scholarship.


Angela excitedly speaks of her interest in creating an app to help underserved communities tackle bacterial infections. “My next journey will hopefully involve merging my interest in helping the underprivileged with my passion for technology.”


“Coming from a humble background, I have witnessed firsthand the adverse effects of bacterial infections on the poor. Most of these infections are treatable, but the uneducated masses don’t seek medical attention due to societal stigma.”


In my first project I would love to create a smartphone app that will seek to give patients ways to anonymously seek consultation services, diagnosis, and provide access to prescriptions. I want everyone, including subjugated women, illiterate persons, and even kids to have a safe space to access essential medical services.”


That dream is not too far off now. The CodeHive program where she learns intensive skills in web and phone app development and the continued support of her STEM mentors, guide Angela’s efforts towards her dream app as a first of many more to come. Angela is set to graduate from her 12 month coding program in December 2022 after which she will continue with career mentoring for job placement and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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