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About Mirror of Hope Foundation

In 2020, Kenya was facing one of its longest school and business shutdowns in history. The hardest hit areas were the poor settlements and rural communities. There was a spike in the number of teenage pregnancies, casual job losses with most girls running the risk of dropping out of school after the pandemic. For most of the vulnerable beneficiaries of the  secondary education programs that we were sponsoring, this meant staying at home without continued learning, increased gender based violence, hi sexual abuse and an increased possibility of teenage motherhood. Emma and Tommy joined forces to provide weekly life skills mentors, supply sanitary pads, at home learning guides, STEM career mentoring and support in science and math tuition in collaboration with other respective sponsors and partners.

This partnership saw an improvement in sciences and math performance especially among girls, increased interest in STEM careers, 5 high performing high school graduates from Kibera slums receive an 8 week Physical Computing and coding STEM immersion scholarship to attend structured Technology training and 1-1 mentoring in solving social problems using technology innovation, and for the first time in history, the enrollment of an MOH beneficiary to a university outside of Kenya to pursue computer science on a scholarship. 

Emma and Tommy joined forces in an effort to expand the MOHCBO education sponsorship model to rural Kenya, put extra emphasis on transitioning our high school graduates and InspireHER STEM mentees to be self sufficient through digital skills, computer science and cyber security ready and also increase the number of girls and women participating in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) global scholarships, exchange programs, internships and technology economic opportunities through basic education, structured technology and mentoring programs in Kenya and USA. 

Mirror of Hope Foundation was formed in the USA as a collaboration between InspireHER STEM programs and Mirror of Hope CBO Programs to provide an avenue that keeps our operations lean and accelerates tax deductible funding, shared resources, intercultural awareness and support for double the impact of secondary education and STEM learning  for areas we serve through a dedicated secondary School and STEM resource center. Since 2020, this partnership has seen the sponsorship of 4 girls through full secondary education, 12 teachers receive classroom resources in rural Vihiga and 34 boys and girls in Kibera slums receive full secondary education sponsorships. Mirror of Hope Foundation also expanded international market access for crafts made from women empowerment programs in Kenya keeping their small businesses open during the pandemic and long after. 



InspireHER STEM program model is implemented in partnership with Amazing Grace Center Kenya Community Based Organization (AGCK)  in rural Vihiga, Kenya. It is a women led grassroots organization with 10 staff members and dedicated volunteers that provides secondary education, sexual reproductive health women rights awareness, community ICT infrastructure and Smart Agribusiness vocational training to build STEM capacity and create technology empowerment opportunities for youth and young women in rural Western Kenya. AGCK facilitates monthly youth mentoring, technology training, leadership development sessions and school holiday tuition programs.


Mirror of Hope CBO is a partner community-based organization operating in Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya. The organization operates in the Kianda village of the larger Kibera slum. Mirror of Hope is run by a dedicated team of 10 staff members and a number of volunteers. Being the largest urban slum in Africa, Kibera is characterized by abject poverty as the most outstanding attribute with most residents still living way below a dollar a day. The slum is home to approximately 1 million residents distributed across its 12 villages that sit on the 2.5 Sq. Kilometer piece of land, that is Kibera. Mirror of Hope under its guiding mantra and principle, ‘A hand up’ seeks to develop, transform and build the capacity of its beneficiaries, contrary to the historical slum handouts culture. The organization provides quality education sponsorship opportunities and school holiday program to children (Sponsorship program), economic empowerment and income generation for the women (SILC project), youth empowerment through computer literacy and digital skills, peanut butter production for teenage/young mothers, environmental conservation and music &arts (Future Poa project).

Mirror of Hope Foundation exists to provide access to education, which in turn equips young people with employable skills they can use to obtain well-paying jobs. Learn about our programs and impact