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Education is the best tool we have to break the cycle of poverty

Throughout Kenya, entire families live on less than $2 per day in city slums and rural villages. Life is exceptionally difficult—densely crowded, shanty housing, no sanitation services, grinding poverty, and prevalent crime. Paying for education is inconceivable when not even the next meal is secure.

An educated person gains the skills they need to obtain well-paying jobs in excess of $45,000 per year. The opportunity afforded by education is truly life-changing.

It costs $3000 to pay for a child’s entire secondary education and an additional $1500 for college and career preparation. The value in this investment is quickly returned in well-paid employment the child would never have been able to access without their education.

In 2020, founders Emma and Tommy collaborated through a lockdown COVID response initiative to form the Mirror of Hope Foundation in the USA. We are committed to unleashing the most significant potential through education in all its forms for vulnerable and underserved communities.

Mirror of Hope Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing educational scholarships and mentoring, giving impoverished people the skills they need to lift themselves out of hardship. The organization operates programs in Kenya and the United States.

What does Mirror of Hope Foundation do?


Providing boarding school education to young boys and girls from impoverished families in Kibera slum. Boarding school represents a high-quality education, in a safer and more conducive environment than the slums. Students gain the necessary skills to find well-paid employment, and the ability to control their destiny despite their difficult backgrounds.


Providing girls from rural Kenya with high school education, plus an additional 2 years of schooling in Science Technology, Engineering & Math, allowing them to equally compete for meaningful work. STEM skills are highly sought after, providing pathways into high-paying and flexible careers such as computer science and digital gig work.

Our Founders’ Story

Tommy Nyawir

Through education, Tommy was able to work his way out of the slum.

MOHF founder, Tommy Nyawir, grew up in the Kibera slum. 

Tommy performed well in primary school, but his family could not afford to pay for his secondary education. 

Tommy had resigned to the fact he would not complete his education, when a chance encounter with an Irish traveler challenged his life forever. After a brief interaction, this stranger Tommy met while passing through the Kibera slum had offered to pay for his entire secondary education. 

Tommy’s life took a turn from that day. Since completing his secondary, and then university education, Tommy has devoted his life to paying forward the gift of education to as many children as possible.

Emma Mitchell

Education and Technology skills increased Emma's employment choices 

Co-founder &  Executive Director of the MOH Foundation, Emma was born and raised in Kenya and now lives in the USA with her family.  

She is a (STEM ) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math advocate for rural girls’ education empowerment to access quality real-world hands-on skills learning, meaningful mentoring relationships and women’s entrepreneurial Leadership development to achieve inclusive sustainable Technologies.

Through gender-sensitive digital skills training, she prepares underserved school-aged girls for computer science careers. She established InspireHER STEM, an International mentoring program of the Mirror of Hope Foundation in the USA, and in partnership with the Amazing Grace Center Kenya CBO, a community-based organization and Charitable Trust to empower rural girls and women of Western Kenya to lead in Technology.

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How it works


High potential, low-income students are selected for the program

Our students are gifted and want to learn, but their families simply cannot afford it.


Your donations fund quality schooling and career preparation

$750 per year pays for fees, board, and uniforms at respected schools. Additional $375 provides career mentors, digital skills and hands on science and math holiday tuition resources


Graduating students perform 6-months of community service

Students are expected to give back to their community, and further the reach of the program.


Upon completion of community service, graduates can qualify for further sponsorship for university.

Students continue to volunteer throughout their university sponsorships. Students alternatively enroll in a technology course and continue to volunteer throughout the period of the vocational training.


Once employed, graduates adopt an incoming student to mentor and support their access to continued learning.

Our graduates work as software developers, engineers, social workers, lawyers and more. 


Graduates break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.

Living conditions are improved for the entire family, both economically, and through more informed decision-making on family and healthcare issues. 

Recurring Donations

Your recurring donations will help take a student through high school education and increase their chances of realizing their dreams.

Ongoing Aid

Your one time donation will be very helpful in supporting our on going programs that are impactful and life changing.